BelFlow is your partner for your
complete installation and project coordination.
Next to that, we take care of the delivery and integration
of stainless steel, buffer and process tanks.

We guide you throughout your production process.

BelFlow coordinates the calculation and integration of your process. All under the same roof!


For many years, we assist and guide our clients throughout their production processes. But, our expertise, technical background and extensive knowledge are far from our only benefits. In addition to them, we created high quality partnerships with subcontractors and manufacturers who build, manage and optimize your complete product line under our supervision.

In other words: BelFlow takes care of the dynamism, accuracy and quality of your tailor-made process installation. From stand-alone component supply till implementation!


Creative and success-driven, passionate and loyal. If you ask our clients about BelFlow and our services, they will definitely use these four keywords.
Take a look at what we can achieve in your organization!

  • Projects

    BelFlow takes care of the measurement, management and finalization of your installation, from top to bottom.

  • Processing

    Next to that, we’re the one-stop-shop for your stainless steel tanks, various process components and equipment.


Thanks to our unique mix of experience, knowledge and accuracy, we are able to provide way more than the right advice for your product line.
Discover how we determine the best-fitting process components for your project.

conveyors & transport systems
stainless steel storage tanks
pumps & valves


Over the last years we faced some ambitious challenges in the entire food industry.
Regardless of the diverse degrees of difficulty, various regions and requirements, we met every single client’s goal by selecting the right partners for their projects.

Tank Installatie

Tank Manipulation

Integratie hoofdvoeding

Integr. main water collector

Supervisie isolatieproject

Supervision insulation project

Leidingwerk en isolatie

Piping and insulation

Warm water knoop voor dubbelwandig leidingwerk

Nodes and Piping

Project Banketbakkersroom

Custard Project


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